A Solution for Every Application

An Aquacomb system provides a solution to almost every water management application. With more than 12 years’ experience in design, installation and maintenance the Aquacomb team has the knowledge to ensure that your water storage and management needs are fully met.

Builders and Developers

If you’re a builder or developer, Aquacomb is the solution to the challenges you face when dealing with onsite water retention and detention applications.

Incorporating Aquacomb into your project means that the need for excavation is greatly reduced or completely removed saving you time and money.

Architects & Engineers

The Aquacomb team are here to help make the process of design easier for architects and engineers. We work closely with engineers, architects and the builder to ensure that the system is seamlessly integrated into the home design.

Our design team will turn your plans into a final layout for approval within 48 hours for a typical system, then work with the builder on the coordination of system installation.


Aquacomb provides the homeowner with a number of advantages compared to conventional water tanks. The Aquacomb system is fully integrated into your home ensuring you don’t lose valuable space, which you’ve paid for, inside or outside the home.

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