The Aquacomb Solution

Water Storage Solutions Made Easy

Aquacomb offers water storage solutions for largescale and home projects. We work with a variety of engineers, architects, homeowners and builders. Our focus is on the most efficient, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Not your average rainwater tank

Aquacomb is more than just a water tank. It’s an integrated part of your home, designed to save you money whilst helping you to create a better environment.

The system is made up of interconnected storage pods which are housed wholly within concrete slabs or under any hard covered surface, allowing for great water storage possibilities without compromising precious space.

Aquacomb can be used for both water retention purposes, capturing rainwater for household use, as well as for water detention purposes, where the flow of storm water needs to be managed.

Being a modular system the overall capacity of an average system can vary anywhere from 3,000 to 30,000 litres.

Out of sight but not out of mind

An Aquacomb system cleverly sits inside your homes slab, under drive-ways and behind retaining walls and is suitable for both rain water retention and detention applications.

Because the Aquacomb system is out of site, homeowners don’t lose valuable space inside or outside the home and unlike conventional tanks, an Aquacomb solution won’t detract from the appearance of the home or it’s surrounds.

Australian designed & manufactured

Aquacomb is the market leader in in-slab water storage. Our products are proudly designed and manufactured in Australia and with over 12 years of project design and installation experience from around Australia and New Zealand.

Aquacomb is a TEXO product, and the team are committed to innovation, ensuring we are creating a better built environment.

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