The Hermitage – Gledswood Hills

Aquacomb Solutions Case Study

Located in the the South West region of Sydney, Gledwood’s Hill is a new masterplanned community by Sekishui House. Installation for water storage solutions begin in 2015.


The Sekisui residential developer team were looking for a water storage solution to fit their design philosophy of co-existence with natural surrounding and commitment to removing stress for residents. Additionally our solution must meet the BASIX requirements in New South Wales, which includes sustainable planning measures for water usage.

The solution

The Aquacomb team worked closely with the design and management team of Sekisui House in Australia and Japan to develop sustainable water retention recyling systems of 1,500 litre to 3,000 litre for all properties. The Sekisui aesthetics were adhered to, keeping groundwater tanks below ground to avoid distraction from the bautifully designed properties. The waste free approved solution is now part of every dwelling constructed. The design is symmetrical, neat, tidy and nearly invisible.

The hidden tanks also offered increased land usage due to the reduced block size from Aquacomb’s water retention solutions. For higher-density developments such as multi-residential properties, the use of the slab detention syustem helped to increase the lot density by intaking stormewater without additional land use.

Why Aquacomb

Aquacomb complements Sekisui’s commitment to quality and innovation, helping build better communities with this ongoing collaboration.