The Eternity Playhouse Theatre

Aquacomb Solutions Case Study

The Eternity Playhouse (formerly Baptist Tabernacle Church) was built in 1887 on sandstone foundations. The property was taken over by the Sydney City Council in 2004 and converted to a theatre. Construction begin in 2010 and the restored property opened in 2013.


The council requirement included onsite water retention to be included as part of the development. Aquacomb was contacted by Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects to help solve the water storage problem for the redevelopment. Traditional above ground tank storage was not viable due to the limited land space available and the aesthetic challenges presented by a heritage building.

The solution

The system was approved by the hydraulic engineers at Wood & Grieve (merged with Stantec in 2019) and the design engineers at Simpson Design Associates Consulting Engineers). The engineers checked the performance of the Aquacomb system with other clients before approving the design created by the Aquacomb technical designers. The engineers loved the simplicity of the system itself as well as the ease of working with the Aquacomb team. The Aquacomb team worked with Kane Constructions and plumbing contractors for a seamless installation.

Why Aquacomb

The Aquacomb system allowed for a large volume of water detention (8500 litre capacity) to be stored out of sight, inside the slab which forms the basement of the theatre. The water is captured sustainably from the entire roof area and filtered through a sediment control device. A second filtration system is in the basement and the water is recycled and use for flushing in the toilets amenities of the theatre.