Stonemason Drive – Kellyville

Aquacomb Solutions Case Study

Eden Brae Homes required a water retention system for a Kellyville home. Aquacomb was able to take on this project to create an out of sight water retention solution in March 2018.


The BASIX requirement for the site indicated a 9,000 litre system would be idea. Eden Brae Homes approached Aquacomb for an aesthetically pleasing and design efficient solution. The finished project allowed full site access for the homeowner.

The solution

The requirements for the building sustainability index on this projects was a water retention system of 9,000 litrres. Eden Brae Homes required a solution that provided water storage without impacting the visual design of the home or access around the finished home.

Why Aquacomb

The Aquacomb system allowed for a large volume of water detention (9,000 litre capacity) to be stored out of sight, incorporated into the house slab to reduce visual impact on the finished structure. The homeowner was given full site access.