Benefits of Underground Water Tanks

Looking to add a water tank for your home or construction project? Check out why an underground water tank is the perfect solution to optimise the appearance of your home, save space, and avoid unnecessary construction costs.

Whether you’re a homeowner, builder or developer, you’re likely looking at the different water tank options available and seeing which is most beneficial for saving both water but also space, time and money. A water tank is an important part of any new home which should be designed and incorporated into the home’s plumbing system, but options are often something many people overlook, particularly when there are so many options out there.

It’s not only easy to forget about the importance of having underground water tanks in place until you have to deal with a major water shortage or need to use a lot of water, but it’s also easy to forget there are options out there much better than the typical ugly water tank attached to the side of a house with little planning.

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    Firstly, why do you need rainwater when there’s regular tap water?

    The answer is simple: Regulations require the use of rainwater capture systems to offset the impact of climate change, and to reduce the load on the city water supply infrastructure. Drinkable water is a waste to use to water the garden or flush the toilets. A rainwater tank is also an excellent way to ensure water goes to good use.

    You’ll lower your water bills and help conserve a valuable natural resource.

    What Options of Water Tanks Are There?

    Apart from underground rainwater tanks, there are of course many old fashioned above-ground tanks on the market, however these are often a late afterthought, creating a permanent eyesore rather than being incorporated into the design and blending into the property. Aboveground water tanks also use up the precious land use ratio for a block and can limit the size of your development. Would you prefer your lounge room to be 2 sqm larger instead of wasting that 2sqm on a rainwater tank?

    Are You Looking for Innovative Water Solutions?

    Are you thinking of smarter water management solutions that are sustainable and cost-effective? At Aquacomb, we have innovative water storage solutions that can help you reduce your water usage and save money on your monthly water bill.

    Unlike conventional underground water tanks Aquacomb systems do not require excavation of large volumes of material or expensive construction. Aquacomb is integrated into the existing design of the slab in such a way as to NOT change the way the engineer or concreter would design and build your home. No structural engineering changes are required.

    A traditional underground tank is almost always much more expensive than an Aquacomb tank of equivalent size. The tank takes much longer to construct, Aqucomb occurs in the same timeframe as your slab poor. Zero delays!

    Compared to a traditional external tank Aquacomb allows much larger volumes of water capture or detention without taking up ever increasing amounts of your back yard or property. Once storage or detention volumes reach a total of more than about 5000l then above ground tanks become increasingly intrusive on the design and usability of the home.

    Our underground water tanks are the perfect way to collect rainwater, and they’re also a great way to conserve water. Contact us today to learn more about our underground tanks and how we can help you with the perfect water storage solution.